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Intelligent Locks were invented by "Hongtai"company and attained " Technical Invention Letter of Patent"

This series locks combine the virtues of electric rim lock and electromagnetic lock,overcome the loud noise of electric rim lock and high power consumption of electromagnetic lock

Convenient installation,no need to identify left /right hand door or inward/outward door

Decrease the requirement of door closer as they can lock automatically and without collision when the door is closed.Solve the door easily deformed as he high strength of door closer,extend the door's lifetime

Detect state of latch.when lock doesn't lock well,can lock again

Low noise,long lifetime,low power consumption

Various opening methods:access control,intercom,remote control,ID card,key etc


Can not open the lock when separate the magnetic sensor,make it safer

Reverse voltage protection, short-circuit protection, sound light alarm when the hall fault

Output of latch state and output of door state are optional.If you need one of them,pls specify when you place order

Waterproof is optional


Technical Parameters

The length of extended latch 20mm

Static pressure for latch: 6,000N


Unlocking current 300mA

Standby current 16mA

Unlocking time<1S


Scope of Application

They are widely used in intelligent housing district,office building,school,army,prison,mobile base station,bank,ATM.They also can work with building conversational system,access control system


Wiring Diagram

Installation Dimension Diagram

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