Electric rim locks are specially designed for access control system and building conversational system.Using the most advanced machine design,latch direction interchange Open by electricity, pushbutton,swivel knob or key.Long lifetime,no power consumption when it is standby,high safety
This series locks are used for resident's house,specially for gate,government,school,hotel,factory warehouse 
Technical Parameters
※Unlocking current:1.5~3A
※Min Unlocking Power:10W
※Coil ground insulation:DC500V
※Unlocking time: 0.5S
※Static pressure:6000N
※Service life:300,000 times

Wiring Diagram

The explanation for electric rim lock code
Y-Outward opening door 
N-Inward opening door
I-Right hand door
Z-Left hand door 
5-Single cylinder 
4-Double cylinders  
6-Swivel knob  
DT-Titanium plating  
U-Roller latch
Installation Instruction

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